The Swedish Association of Communication Agencies – KOMM is a professional association of consultants in nine different disciplines of marketing communication* serving as a consultative and inspirational member organisation, as well as an informative interest group and creator of public opinion. The association runs an overall main issue; that good communication generates growth and work to increase awareness of the importance of good communication within the business world and society. Every year, Komm also arranges Guldägget, Sweden’s oldest, largest and arguably most prestigious advertisement competition, celebrating its 55th anniversary in 2016.

Komm approached us to design and develop a new website. Migrating the previous website’s archive of content from its outdated platform, we tailored the new site to better accommodate Komm’s needs and focused on solving the key functional issues that the old website suffered from. Largely type based, the design of the new website makes use of the assets in Komm’s existing visual identity and strengthens their Vignelli flavoured aesthetics by laying bare a subtle but supporting grid.

*Action Marketing, Design, Direct Mail, Events, Interactive, Media, Mobile, PR, and Advertising.

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