All Blues is a Stockholm based jewellery brand. Founded by Fredrik Nathorst & Jacob Skragge, All Blues’ products are all designed and handcrafted in Stockholm, using recycled, locally sourced precious metals. The brand has been widely featured in maga­zines such as Vogue Paris, Another Magazine and New York Times’ T Magazine. They have also been acknowledged as ‘Accessories Designer of the Year’ by both Elle and Café Magazine, as well as ‘International Future Promise’, by NK.

While All Blues products are available from select retailers in 14 different countries, their own webshop serves as the primary hub for product releases and as a platform for building their brand. Growing frustrated with the limitations of their then current site, All Blues turned to us for a complete redesign of the web shop.

Working with the newly implemented visual identity, we introduced a complementary typeface Marr Sans (D. Foster, P. Barnes, H. Živčić for Commercial Type), which acts as support to All Blues Sans, the display font used by the brand. We devised a characteristic, underlaying grid which, while it allows for a range of different image sizes, keeps the different sections consistent.

As with the design work, the development of the website was focused on providing the framework that All Blues knew they needed. Selecting Shopify as the e-commerce platform, we made the most use of all current features to push the limits of flexi­bility, in regards to how content and products are mixed and displayed on the site. Furthermore, our close collaboration with All Blues founding partner Fredrik Nathorst resulted in a solution that gave the client the necessary tools to experiment with be­spoke coding solutions for each of their indivi­dual projects. The result is a site which, in a way, is in constant flux; changing from one day to the other. Product imagery courtesy of All Blues.

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