Business Club Royale is a film production company based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Working with clients such as IKEA, Collector Bank and Tele2, the com­pany's portfolio bears traces of a long tradition of Swedish film making, draped in fairly neutral tones, and Nordic realism.

The company commissioned Lundgren+Lindqvist to undertake a redesign of their visual identity, inclu­ding the design of a new logotype, letter­heads and templates for everything from presenta­tions to invoices. The work also included the design and develop­ment of a new website.

The name Business Club Royale is a play on the fact that the com­pany’s work often stands in stark contrast to the glossy and polished films the name may hint at. The visual identity takes cues from this ambiguity, which is defined through a juxtaposition of visual elements borrowed both from the kitsch-luxe aesthetic of the exclusive members’ club and the signage of the grocery store. The use of iconic commercial symbolism bears evidence of a sober distance to their own work on behalf of the directors. They make no secret of the fact that its main purpose is to sell other companies’ products and/or services.

The dynamic logotype system offers many varia­tions; where the C for Club and R for Royale are replaced by the © sign and ® sign respectively, another nod towards to the business and commer­cial segments. These variants are animated to high­light the fact that BCR work with moving images.

The website is a bold manifest of the visual identity, showcasing the company’s selected work with titles and information boldly displayed and in stark typography. High­lights from the portfolio are marked with icons prompting the visitor to ‘LOOK!’, pro­claiming that a project is ‘EXCLUSIVE’ or simply saying ’NEW’, for recently added films. The web­site’s background colour and correspon­ding typo­graphy varies upon each visit. In the bottom of the page there is a list of currencies and the phrase "All currencies accepted" in Arabic, a nod to the company’s inter­national client base as well as the multi­national back­grounds among the founders.

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