Ever Rêve is a London based womenswear brand, founded in 2012. Previously working at various fashion houses in Paris and London, alongside undertaking illustration commissions, Michelle Urvall Nyrén (Ever Rêve's Founder & Head of Design) set up the brand to realize her vision of garments combining coherent geometric motifs with the fluid softness of watercolor painting.

Lundgren+Lindqvist designed Ever Rêve's visual identity and all digital and physical applications, such as the lookbooks, labels, swingtags, stationery and the official webshop. For Autumn/Winter 2013, each of the lookbooks were made unique through manually dripping watercolour onto them. Each chapter of the storyline, an ever present element in Ever Rêve's process, was split up into three parts which were printed on separate transparent paper sheets, creating a fade-out - corresponding to the dreamlike story - when overlaid. The lookbook was packaged in an embossed, satin black box. For the Spring/Summer 2014 lookbook, also included in this presentation, hundreds of varied eternity symbols (hinting at the brand’s name) were designed giving each of the lookbooks a unique cover.

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