Yoshida Design (henceforth YD) is an architectural practice based in Oslo, Norway. With a founder originally from Osaka, Japan – the firm focusses on blending Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics and takes on projects ranging from interior to exterior.

We designed Yoshida Design’s visual identity and website. To tie the printed matter together with the firm’s approach to their architectural projects, high-end materials and printing techniques were employed.

Much of YD’s work is based on a combination of Japanese and Scandinavian design values, with clean lines and high functionality. We took the same approach to the design of YD’s identity and made some of the printed pieces multi-functional. We selected a four-tint colour palette with the main purpose of colour coding the different document types. Five different templates (Letter, Offer, Contract, Time plan and Invoice), tailored to their specific areas of usage, were designed. Each template type was paired with a traditional Japanese proverb, conveying YD’s way of viewing the specific phase of the project connected to the template type. The business cards were edge-printed and with their rather wide format, the cards can be used as tabs in the many project folders in which the firm archive their documents.

Download Press Package: Low-res | High-res