Söderhavet (The South Pacific) is a digital design agency founded in 2004. Working with large international and Swedish clients - Söderhavet is the only digital studio with a four year consecutive top three placement in the Swedish bureau of the year awards (winning 2013).

Söderhavet had long neglected their own identity, prioritizing client work, leading them to commission us to rethink their complete visual identity.

Known for a well-practiced workshop process, during which clients are invited to mark out preferences by placing colored dots on moodboards, there was no way of avoiding the memorable impression left by the multitude of dots spread around the walls of Söderhavet's Stockholm office. With the aforementioned process being one of the company's principal characteristics, we sought to illustrate the fact that the agency is never complete without the input of the client. Through altering the characteristic 'ö' (meaning island in Swedish) by leaving out one of the dots, we managed to create a wordmark inviting the viewer to fill the gap. Interaction is the first step to new business. - Where is the dot? one might ask. Merely by asking that question, the inquisitive has placed the second dot in its place and completed the wordmark.

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