IchorMosaic is a recent addition to O/O Brewing's steadily growing product range. The name derives from Greek mythology, where Ichor is the ethereal fluid that is the blood of gods and immortals. It marks the first in a micro series of beers where new editions will retain the main recipe, with exception for the hops, which will be replaced from one edition to the other. This first edition features Mosaic hops.

Like the name, the design of the packaging takes inspiration from ancient Greece and its monumental temples. One such temple is the Parthenon (or Temple of Athena) in Athens, with proportions that continue to inspire architects to this day. Much like the front of the Parthenon, the label sees a repetition of columns, or capital I:s (for Ichor). The name of the hops – Mosaic – further adds to the architectural association. The green colour follows the logic of O/O Brewing's colour system for their popular 50/50 series, where each type of hops has been assigned a specific colour.

The beer sold out within hours of its release. A new edition is currently in the works.

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