The 50/50 series is just what the name suggests, a series of beers based on a half and half mix of two different types of hops. Each beer in the series is based on the same core recipe, with only the types of hops from one beer to another. The rapidly growing series now counts 12 iterations, with more on the way. It has provided O/O Brewing a platform to experiment with new flavour combinations. Some of the pairings are made in several batches, while others are released only once.

The design of the packaging aims to illustrate that this series is not a part of O/O Brewing's core range by employing a freer interpretation of the brewery's visual identity. Each type of hops is assigned a specific colour, which is related to its flavour and character. For each beer, the label is split in half, with one hop type occupying the top and the other the bottom.

Look out for a redesign of this series, along with the rest of O/O Brewing's label system coming later this year.

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