After having built their new factory in Hisingen, O/O Brewing have been able to increase the pace in which they release new products, without ever compromising on the quality.

Carismatico is a DIPA (or Double India Pale Ale) which, slightly reluctantly, tackles the beer worlds' unquenchable thirst for more flavour. The name is an anagram of Citra/Mosaic, which are the two types of hops which gives the beer its distinct flavour. 'Satiric Coma', 'Cacti Roams I' and 'Coma Cat Iris' were other anagrams extracted from these ingredients. For the design of the packaging, we imagined the 440ml aluminum can as a living character. It does not take a lot of imagination to see a face in the can's lid and its stay-tab opening mechanism. Furthermore, the opening on these cans is called a 'wide-mouth'. We added a pair of Googly Eyes et voilà - Mr. Carismatico was born. When an order of Carismatico is shipped, the eyes on the label appear just over the edge of the box, displaying a curious little group of beers.

The label was printed on high-gloss silver paper, and given a silk finish with a matte laminate. The beer has been very well received, with batches often selling out within hours of their release and all around high ratings from beer connoisseurs.

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