The World of Shoes started with the vision of creating the number one online platform for lovers of handmade quality shoes. Lundgren+Lindqvist has been involved in the project from the very start, designing the visual identity, stationery and website.

The visual identity is designed to convey a subtle eccentricity, much alike the quirkiness often found in the details of dandy’s outfit. An erect shoelace marque gives a humorous nod to the excitement for premium shoes shared by the connoisseurs of the shoe community, and at the fact that the interest in handmade shoes is largely male oriented.

The stationery is printed on Gmund Heidi, a highly tactile paper stock, with the text and logotype foil-blocked in black.

The website is divided into three main sections; a Journal, an A-Z Directory and a Marketplace. The Journal, featuring articles, interviews and guides (many in video form), is updated daily keeping track of current trade fairs, releases and behind the scenes reports from some of the world’s top shoe brands. The A-Z directory showcases over 300 premium shoe brands, many of them off-the grid family businesses that have been notoriously hard to reach. The Marketplace is the shop section of the site allowing visitors to first carefully overview and scrutinize their options before ordering a pair of shoes.

Lundgren+Lindqvist continue to work actively with the World of Shoes on developing the brand and website.

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