Benify was started in 2004 with the idea that technology can make compensation and benefits easy, accessible and efficient. Today, Benify is one of Sweden’s fastest growing companies with over 300 employees in 8 offices across Europe.

To illustrate Benify’s corporate benefits system, we worked with photographer Kalle Sanner to create a series of images showing the very diverse range of benefits supplied through the company’s platform. As a main theme for the images, we chose to focus on surfaces of different kinds. The starting point was the idea that you do not need show people smiling in bathing suits on a beach, in order to convey the warm feeling of beach life. And for some people, the equivalent of that happy feeling is rather experienced when they get to tend to their collection of insects. An initial series of around 10 images were made, with new images being added continually.


  • Art Direction: Lundgren+Lindqvist
  • Photography: Kalle Sanner
  • Post Production: Carl Ander
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