For their Spring/Summer 2015 collection, fashion brand Elvine chose to go to Shanghai and gather a group of local creatives to co-create a jacket, tailored for that specific city. Being the first in a series of City Jackets™ - the concept quickly grew to a full collection. We designed all promotion material for the collection, including the lookbook, a press give-away, swingtags, necklables and a campaign site.

For the press box, we had embossed black boxes custom made, which we filled with a range of items that we sourced from Shanghai. Amongst other things, the items in the box included the popular White Rabbit candy, hand stamped rice paper, a pack of incense and a black lotus, which was handmade by an origami artist.

For the Shanghai jacket swingtags, we were inspired by the vacuum sealed plastic bags containing mixed slices of fruit, that are sold in the streets of Shanghai. We designed a series of cards, containing information about the jacket, which were placed in traditional Chinese gift envelopes. In addition to that, we included a small, hand-cut bamboo stick, a printed leaf and double-sided, Risograph printed strip, containing two slightly exaggerated statements about the jacket (i.e. 'the best jacket in the world'), resembling common advertising messages in Shanghai. We also designed three different button badges depicting the famous Swedish table tennis player J.O. Waldner, who, in the 1990s, was more recognized in China than Bill Clinton. In China, Waldner is referred to as 'The Evergreen Tree’, hinting at his long and fruitful career. Finally, a total 800 swingtags were assembled and sealed by hand in our studio.

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