The Heart Index is a not-for-profit design compendium, raising money and awareness for Heart Research UK. Its pages showcase a collection of hearts, designed and interpreted by ’76 of design’s most influential and celebrated modern practitioners’.

Our submission is of a highly personal nature. For our contribution, Andreas Friberg Lundgren, Art Director and one of Lundgren+Lindqvist’s two founders, booked an appointment with a Radiographer, went to the hospital and had an actual CMR scan performed. An experience which caused him to reflect upon the strong yet fragile muscular organ that keeps our bodies functioning. To accompany the scan of Andreas' heart, our contribution was complemented by the technical data that came with the scan and a textual rendering of the sound of the beating heart. The page is complemented by a dry-in-tone log documenting the hospital visit, which serves as an artist’s statement, included in the compendium's index.

‘Housed in a deceptively minimal exterior, the “compendium of graphic hearts” includes responses that range from the serious (Andreas Friberg Lundgren from Lundgren+Lindqvist had his own heart scanned) to the playful, like the anatomically correct heart Mark Boyce made from type or Wim Crouwel’s interlinked question marks that form an “uncertain” heart shape.’ (Excerpt from ’Graphic Design Proves It Has a Heart’, Aiga)

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