To mark the 50th anniversary of the British road sign, a select group leading artists and designers were invited by Made North Gallery to transform the familiar circle, triangle and square signs. The contributed concepts evolve from the current signs' function of instructing people of speed limits and directions to poetically disrupting our everyday with designs that makes us stop, look and think about design and our environment in a slightly different way; less instructions and more pauses for thought. The signs were exhibited at Design Museum in London, as part of London Design Festival 2015. Some signs were spread around the city, surprising by-passers with both humorous twists and more thought provoking messages.

In 2014, 1,775 people died in traffic related accidents in Great Britain alone. Our contribution, titled 'Untimely Departure’, is a massive, 12kg hand engraved and polished black granite sign, which aims both at highlighting the grave importance (pun intended) of paying attention to road signs when driving, and emphasizing the value of clear and comprehensible signage along our roads.

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