The Cool Hunter (henceforth TCH) is the world's most-read culture and design site - celebrating creativity in all of its modern manifestations. With 2.1 million monthly site visits, around 615.000 followers across social media networks and 205.000 newsletter subscribers - TCH speaks to a worldwide audience.

Expanding the TCH lifestyle concept, its founder, Bill Tikos, commissioned us to design the new The Cool Hunter webshop. With an aim of providing the site's audience not only with inspiration but an opportunity of purchasing the products championed on the site - Tikos asked us to redesign and customize the WordPress theme that we initially designed and developed for Maru. While retaining its original spirit, the theme underwent a complete overhaul adjusting it to the look and feel and the needs of TCH.

A front page slider, where the upcoming images are shown below the main slide, was implemented. When rotating, the images are separated, revealing a humorous illustration of the mechanics behind the slider. Knowing that many of the TCH visitors are mobile, all features of the site are intuitive across touch devices and more traditional setups.

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