With right-wing populism and even fascism gaining ground in Europe, we ask ourselves:
– Are we sinking into the abyss?

We witness a Europe where nationalism is becoming increasingly normalised, triggering hateful and anti-European sentiments, spreading far outside niched extremist environments.

Our outlook on Europe, is rooted in a very different tradition.

Our Neuros (Neurosis) poster is based on our contribution to Slanted Magazine's Europe themed edition. For the issue, Slanted have invited 'selected figures, writers, and journalists, illustrators, photographers, and graphic designers to make an inventory of Europe — a comment, a perspective, a feeling.'

From the project brief:
'The European Union with its 28 member states today is facing difficult times: financial crisis, refugees, loss of allies, and exit scenarios — as implemented in the United Kingdom — lead to fear and insecurity. Above all, we are also witnessing how the digital revolution is creating a new image of man. The technical possibilities are about to go beyond what is politically and morally imperative.'

Seeing that the invitation to contribute to Slanted Magazine's Europe issue coincided with the elections for the European Parliament, we decided to make an alternative version of our design for the magazine, and print a batch of posters to be distributed across the city of Gothenburg. For a few days leading up to the critical elections, these self-initiated posters could be seen virtually everywhere in Gothenburg, warning its citizens about the possible implications of not casting their votes.

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