Founded with an idea of revitalizing the Swedish furniture industry, Markus Form is a furniture company with a clear ambition of developing and producing relevant furniture, that is practical, easy to match and kind on the environment.

We have led all aspects of designing and developing the Markus Form brand; from being involved in naming the company to designing its full visual identity, all printed matter, art directing a number of photo shoots and designing and developing the company's website. Working closely with the company's founder and photographer Kalle Sanner, we have meticulously crafted a brand story based around photographic essays, where the universal appeal of the products is always the starting point. To date, we have shot Markus Form’s products in at least 20 different locations, ranging from a haunted bed & breakfast to a bronze foundry.

The logotype marque, with a capital M on the left hand side of a solidus, symbolizes the symbiotic relationship between Markus Form, as the producer, and the designers they collaborate with. One side can not function without the other and every new product is sprung out of tight collaboration.

The stationery and printed matter makes use of fine quality paper stock from Fedrigoni, with subtle yet effective high-end print finishes, such as foil blocking and varnishes. The correspondence cards and product swingtags, featuring a range of macro shot material samples, have been treated with appropriate varnishes to physically imitate the depicted materials.

Visit the Markus Form website here.

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