Göteborgstryckeriet (GBGT) is one of Sweden’s leading and most prestigious print houses. Founded in 1918, GBGT have since long established themselves as the printer of choice for the uncompromising designer.

With an extensive production of books - ranging from limited edition art and photography books to cook books - GBGT needed a specification sheet to include with reference copies of books going out to publishers and clients. Not seldom of high production value, many books produced at GBGT feature high-end printing techniques. Our solution is a series of perforated bookmarks, allowing GBGT to tear off tabs with handwritten specifications. Each tab is numbered, making it easy for GBGT's project managers to refer to a specific page in a book when discussing print solutions with a client.

The bookmarks also serve as a give-away to clients and can just as well be used for marking out memorable quotes or passages in a book. We also designed a gridded A3 desktop sketch pad and a series of A6 note pads. Original sketch by EKTA (Daniel Götesson).

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