Elvine is a Swedish fashion brand known for their well-constructed jackets and considered and elegant streetwear.

The Elvine Spring Summer 2014 lookbook was inspired by the urban landscape. From the posters hastily pasted on construction sight hoardings to the sliding views between the high-rises, the temporal state of the cityscape is constantly inspiring us to find new ways to communicate, commute and collaborate.

For the cover of the lookbook, we juxtaposed images in both colour and greyscale creating a distorted rhythm. For the inlay, we devised a dynamic grid allowing for considered variation throughout the publication. The typography was set in stark black against the white background, mimicking newspaper headlines and urban signage. The idea behind the type’s rough treatment and the paper and printing method was to give the publication an undesigned look and feel.

The lookbook was printed in tabloid format, on newsprint and distributed to Elvine retailers worldwide. Spreads from the lookbook were also pasted on the walls of Elvine's exhibition stands in trade shows such as Bread & Butter in Berlin.

Download Press Package: Low-res | High-res