For Swedish streetwear brand Elvine, the rugged urban environment is home turf. This mindset runs through everything they do, from their City Jacket collections to the campaign material.

Together with Elvine, we curated and built an archive of objects found in the urban environment. Often times, these objects would have been discarded, stepped upon and in other ways patinated by the city and its inhabitants. Removing these objects from the dirty pavement and looking at them in isolation made us realize and appreciate their beauty.

Over the course of a year, we collected found objects and photographed them. The images were presented along with technical data, such as the location were they were found, weight, material et c. on Elvine’s website. Over time, the collection grew into a considerable archive, of which a small selection is presented in this case study.


  • Art Direction: Lundgren+Lindqvist
  • Photography: Carl Ander
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