Dr Peter Kapos, of Das Programm - specialists in the design work of Dieter Rams, invited us to participate in the Systems exhibition, held at the Walter Knoll showroom in London. The exhibition was produced by Braun and featured a curated selection of Braun products from the Rams' era, accompanied by a selection of commissioned posters.

Assuming that many of the posters in the exhibition would highlight the famous products and exquisite design details that we all have come to cherish, we chose to approach the project from a different angle, focusing instead on the newer generations' ways of interacting with the classic Braun designs - many of which have since long moved from our kitchens and living rooms into the collections of museums. Today, we primarily meet these coveted utility items through tumblr feeds, flickr sets and Pinterest boards. Smooth surfaces, seamless joints, metal, wood and plastic are all rendered in pixels. For our poster, we chose the KF21 coffee maker, a truly democratic and (in design circles) less championed product from the Braun product range. By enlarging the pixels, we illustrate how the digital medium is only able to give the viewer a general idea of a product's aesthetic and functional qualities. These products deserve to be seen, felt and used.

As a bonus, we designed two additional posters based on Braun merchandise from the late 80's; a pink Braun Domino set and a Braun Draughts set.

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