We continue our work for Swedish furniture company Markus Form, building an extensive archive of images of their product line. For this studio session, the primary focus was to show three new additional colour ways for the company’s signature product Buddy.

This is how Buddy is described on Markus Form’s website:
’Buddy is a small and useful piece of furniture that could be placed anywhere within a space and in many different environments. A little server that could act as an occasional object besides a sofa, but also as a free standing solitary piece in a hallway. Its high edge to the surface of the top, resulting in a bowl-like shape, makes all the difference. It gives the opportunity to not only place things on top, but also to keep items inside, which makes the object multi­functional, thereby establishing a new typology. The solid wood base contrasts with the cold metal surface of the aluminium bowl, adding a warm filigree character to the object and creates an iconic and graceful appearance.’

Read more about Buddy and Markus Form on the company’s website, also designed and built by Lundgren+Lindqvist.


  • Art Direction: Lundgren+Lindqvist
  • Photography: Kalle Sanner
  • Post Production: Carl Ander
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