MCKNGBRD is a passion project that grew from a strong desire to make beauti­ful and protec­tive pro­ducts for personal tech. The brand bridges the gap between fast and slow, hand and machine, personal tech and luxury fashion. Founder Navid Mokhberi has set out to create the kind of cases he him­self wanted to own: hard­working, versa­tile and exquisi­tely made. The brand’s premium cases are design­ed to be 'refined enough for the board­room, yet rugged enough for an after­noon hike'.

We have been working with MCKNGBRD since 2014, when the company was founded. Our initial project for the brand* encompassed naming and the design of the visual identity, including a range of printed pieces.

As the product develop­ment reached its final stages in the Autumn of 2018, we were commis­sioned to design and develop an e-commerce plat­form and brand site for MCKNGBRD. The site is built around two main sections; the Shop and the Brand. While the Shop section employs a modular grid with forced asymmetrical shifts, the brand section tells the story of the brand in a contin­uous, single line of type travelling horizon­tally (desktop). Throughout this stream of cons­cious­ness, the text is continually inter­sected by images and videos, illustra­ting the story. This collage of imagery was pains­takingly sourced, collected and scanned from old comics, maga­zines and films. The text is based around story provid­ed by MCKNGBRD’s founder, which we re­wrote and refor­matted for the website.

A bespoke typeface, called MCKNGBRD Serif (SemiBold), was designed in colla­boration with type designer Tor Weibull. The typeface is used for display purposes across the site and most promin­ently in its Story section.

Additionally, we art directed a series of photo­shoots, both encompas­sing the product imagery for the webshop and campaign focused images. Here, we worked closely with photo­graphers Carl Oliver Ander and Erik Gustafsson, who both move seam­lessly between the worlds of art and commerce. For the product imagery, we aimed to emphasise the adapt­ability of the products by super­imposing them on large format printed image back­grounds. The image back­grounds were all shot by Ander on nume­rous loca­tions around Europe and in the US. Much like the Mockingbird’s ability to mimic the sounds of its environ­ment, making it one of nature’s most skilled adopters, the images create a tromp l'œil, where it is some­times hard to distin­guish between 2D and 3D. The campaign images expands on this idea, with multiple layers of images and physical objects creating a theatre-like set for the products.

Additional campaign imagery was shot by Erik Gustafsson, who employed his signa­ture snap­shot style and made a visual diary of a day and night with the cases. To amplify the distinc­tion between the two types images, these were all shot on film, leaving physical discre­pancies and applying only very moderate editing in post-production.

We work continously with MCKNGBRD as they enter new markets and as their product catalogue keeps growing.

Visit the MCKNGBRD webshop here.

*See our first project for MCKNGBRD here.

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