Nordic Energy Research, henceforth NER, is the platform for cooperative energy research and policy development under the auspices of Nordic Council of Ministers. The organisation consists of a staff of 12, based in Oslo, Norway,

Having worked with NER for a number of years time, we approached the complete redesign and rebuild of their website with a deep understanding of the organisations needs and pre-requisites.

The design of the new NER site is based on the visual identity our studio developed for the organisation some years ago. The circular grid and the typeface Rotis remain, as do most of the colors used in the site. The site is also structured similarly to the previous site but the layout was re-designed and re-built from the bottom up.

The WordPress-backend of the site utilises a customised modular grid in order to handle all types of content. Especially the projects require a lot of optional content such as image galleries, file downloads, charts and graphs, multimedia content and so forth.

The Nordic Way is a growing collection of energy indicators for the five Nordic countries. The section was introduced as an addition to the organizations previous website and has now been extended to present raw data as charts and diagrams, rather than static images. This has the benefit of not only being easier to maintain and but the content is also understandable for search engines and screen readers.


Developed for: Nordic Energy Research
Designed by: Lundgren+Lindqvist
Type of site: Corporate