Project TWLV delivers a small, contemporary boot collection. Designed, curated and handcrafted by the best designers and artisans in Italy and Sweden, the product and materials is the result of a perfect blend between the two countries.

One of the company’s two founders, Henrik Hobik, turned to us for the development of a webshop. Having previously only had a landing page with short information, they now wanted to present not only the full range of boots in the brand’s first collection, as well as imagery enhancing the fine craftsmanship of the shoes. The brands printed matter followed a stripped back layout, using only black and white and Helvetica as the main typeface, which we transfered to the web. Subtle animations add a smooth layer on top of the high contrast, un-compromised design.

The site is built on the Shopify e-commerce platform. Through the use of Shopify’s tempting features, each part of the site is editable through the backend, including the modular home page grid. All parts of the content are scaled and optimised for the visitors device.


Developed for: Project TWLV
Designed by: Lundgren+Lindqvist
Type of site: Shop