Ever Rêve is a London based womenswear brand, founded in 2012. We have been working with the brand from the very start, designing their visual identity, look books and website. For this season, we also redesigned Ever Rêve's website and webshop. We designed a number of dynamic start sections, which allow Ever Rêve to easily vary the look and content, creating the feel that the website is constantly evolving.

Bold typography, with a pairing of Proxima Nova and Adobe Caslon, both served from Typekit, is one of the site’s key characteristics. Exploring the typography on the site, we started out with a number of serif’s from Google Fonts, looking at pro:s and con:s with each one. Yet we were never really satisfied in the way these fonts looked when scaling either up or down. Once we added a comparison to Caslon, the difference was striking. The old saying ”when in doubt, use Caslon” could not have been more true.


Developed for: Ever Reve
Designed by: Lundgren+Lindqvist
Type of site: Portfolio