Lundgren+Lindqvist’s contribution to 'The Music of Christmas', a project initiated by Skiddle and StudioDBD to raise funds for MacMillan Cancer Support, is a rather literal interpretation of the theme. By listing all the traditional English Christmas carols on Wikipedia, a shape reminiscent of a sound wave is created. If you look close enough, you can also see the silhouette of a forest covered in snow.

There is also a darker side to the story. The technical representation of these carols in the form of a sound wave aims to lead the viewer’s thoughts to the clinical hospital environment and to remember the cause for the project, namely raising funds for Chris Glaba, who had recently been diagnosed with incurable cancer. The sound wave is suddenly transformed into the signal on the heart monitor’s display screen. The red and white into the flesh and bones that form our bodies.

The card was published in two editions; the first as a part of a set of ten cards, including contributions from a range of internationally acclaimed designers and the second as a deluxe edition, with hot foiled type on Colorplan paper from GFSmith.

Sadly, Chris Glaba passed away in early December 2016. Our condolences to his family and friends.

Download Press Package: Low-res | High-res