Svenska Fotobokspriset (The Swedish Photobook Award) is granted by the Swedish Association of Professional Photographers, which was founded in 1895. The award was constituted in 1996 and is bestowed annually to the most beautiful Swedish photobook. With the aim of stimulating and supporting qualitative photobook publishing, SFF each year assemble a jury of professionals from the field of photography. The jury nominates five books, one of which is declared the winner, receiving a diploma and a stipend at an award gala. Earlier recipients of the award include Anders Petersen, JH Engström, Sune Jonsson and Jenny Rova.

In the Autumn of 2017, The Swedish Association of Professional Photographers commissioned Lundgren+Lindqvist to redesign the visual identity for the award, including diplomas, animations, posters and invites for Svenska Fotoboksdagen (The Swedish Photobook Day).

The new visual identity features a mono-linear wordmark, monogram and set of icons, paired with two variations of the Kane typeface from Think Work Observe.

The monogram is direct in its iconization of an open book. Additionally, it can be seen as rays of light, relating to the technical process of making a photograph, exposing the photographic film (or its digital counterpart), or perhaps two hands holding a camera. The symbol also illustrates sequencing and rhythm; central elements in the making of a photobook. It is also a fond nod to one of the most common motifs to be captured in a photograph; namely the sunset. The current year rises out of the open book, and is, like the colour system, updated on a yearly basis. The placement of the year and the underlaying gutter of the book defines the placement of the wordmark in its primary version, as well as headlines displayed in close proximity to the logotype.

The blunt typography pays tribute to photography's technical side while placing the award in an art context by hinting at the stencilized messages on transport boxes instructing the art-movers that the goods is 'FRAGILE' or needs to be transported with 'THIS SIDE UP'. It draws inspiration from the typographical intersection where technology meets (conceptual) art.

Over the last couple of years, the project has been extended with a poster campaign, printed invitations to the award ceremony, animations and diplomas for the awardees.

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