Restaurang Röda Sten is a restaurant, bar and café, housed in Röda Stens Konsthall, an exhibition center for contemporary art and culture, in Gothenburg. Well-renowned for their delicious food (breaking new ground for vegan food in Gothenburg with their Meat Free Sundays), great clubs and concerts and included in the prestigious White Guide as a result of their impressive selection of pastries - the family run restaurant takes a highly personal approach to everything that they do.

We have been working closely with Restaurang Röda Sten since the current owners took over the restaurant in 2012. Our initial project was to design the new visual identity. The new identity aims to illustrate the owner’s personal approach and to echo the rough feel of the old, brick clad and graffiti covered factory building that houses the exhibition center and restaurant. The logotype, with the restaurant’s name rendered in handwriting, is accompanied by an emblem, depicting the building and its harbour surroundings. The rhombus shaped emblem is often applied as a stamp and mostly positioned at random, allowing for overlays and flexibility.

As an extension of the project, we have also designed a dinnerware set, staff t-shirts and take-away cups.

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