For O/O Brewing's participation in the 2016 edition of En Öl och Whiskymässa (Gothenburg’s Beer and Whisky Fair) we designed a lightbox display sign, to complement the pop-up bar designed for the previous year's fair.

O/O Brewing’s business cards were printed by Göteborgstryckeriet, on delicate Conqueror Connoisseur 100% cotton paper, with the logotype blind embossed in the center of the card. The paper was selected primarily based on the fact that it is optimal for this type of embossing, but also because it represents a counterweight to the type of paper your are likely to find on the bottles of beer labels in general. Much like O/O Brewing aims to differentiate themselves from the competition by brewing beer of the best possible quality, we continually work on remodelling the image of what a craft brewery is expected to look like.

We also redesigned O/O's website, building it around an oversized listing of the brewery's beers. The thin weight of O/O’s typeface NeuBau Grotesk give a delicate touch to the typography, not normally found in websites. Icons, drawn to match the typeface were introduced, and a lot of time was spent on making them a pixel perfect match with the font. The website is bold in colour, with certain sections changing to match a specific beer.

The website is in active development and will be introduced piece by piece, with an editorial section for each beer, featuring interviews with artist collaborators and head brewer Olle Andersson currently in progress.

Following up the previous year's sought after laser cut wood coaster, we designed a new limited edition coaster, this time in transparent, CNC cut plexiglass.

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