Crown is a boutique law firm, operating solely within the business of entertainment. With a background close to the people the firm represent, the founders made a vow to always represent the maker and never the distributor. In short, Crown is not your average law firm. They represent a star-studded roster of artists, musicians, influencers, e-sport athletes and entertainers.

Crown approached Lundgren+Lindqvist at the very beginning, when the two founders had just left their previous employments to set up the new firm. The project encompassed advising in the naming process, followed by the design of the new visual identity, including a full stationery set, and the design and development of the firm's website. Lundgren+Lindqvist also created a launch campaign, and developed a tonality platform built around the tagline; 'We've got advice for you'.

The logotype, an abstracted C for Crown, is designed to resemble a wave; an apt illustration of the firm's approach and methods which differ much from common practice in the often conservative segment of law. The wave is used as a symbol of progressiveness, and emphasises the fact that many of the areas where Crown is active are new to the business of law. The monogram, which joins a solidus (/) with a capital C, is designed to be a natural sender, signing off on documents and campaigns.

The campaign was built around the idea that a crown does not necessarily have to be regal and ruby-clad. In the world of entertainment, it may just as well be a magicians hat, the e-sport athletes headset or a well-worn baseball cap. Crown represents the kings and queens who have made it their business to entertain and inspire us. Or perhaps provide us with comic relief, when we need it the most.

Like most other law firms, Crown operate under strict secrecy and often cannot talk about their clients. Instead, the website is built around a Culture Section, offering a glimpse into Crown's world, where you are more likely to see their lawyers backstage at a rock concert, than in a boardroom.

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