Strikk is a Gothenburg based boutique selling fine yarns, design patterns and high-end knitting supplies. Located on one of Gothenburg's most popular shopping streets, Strikk offers a wide variety of products alongside Strikk Studio - their own product line.

We redesigned and developed Strikk's website and a fully customized webshop and designed the visual identity for Strikk Studio. The new marque is an ambigram, based on a traditional knitting pattern. Along with the marque, we also introduced a new typeface, to complement Orator, which had already been used by Strikk for a number of years. The webshop features technically complex solutions for collating items in design packages in accordance with the multiple possible choices made by the customer. We also designed a range of printed items, including a series of yarn labels, product cards and handmade, clothbound loose-leaf binders.

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