Nordic Energy Research (henceforth NER) is the platform for joint Nordic energy research and policy development under the auspices of the Nordic Council of Ministers. NER promote cooperation in research and policy that adds value to the national initiatives in the Nordic countries. Through 25 years of action, NER has built strong networks among researchers and linked these with policy-makers. Hundreds of PhDs have been awarded as part of the Nordic projects they have supported.

Having previously redesigned NER's visual identity as well as designing and building their website - NER approached us to design a book providing a historical context to existing renewable energy policies, and a quantitative comparison across the five Nordic countries. Lundgren+Lindqvist designed the full book, including its illustrations and infographics. The illustrations were all based on the circle grid, which is one of the main assets of the NER identity. The book was printed on a Hybrid Print Technology press from Komori with thread binding and an open back.

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