Eric Hieltes Stiftelse is a charitable foundation founded in 2016 by Fabian Hielte, Cecilia Hielte Kallenberg and Victor Hielte. The foundation’s primary purpose and aim is to promote and support education and learning, as well as the integration of immigrants in Swedish society. This is mainly accomplished through a program of grants and scholarships, but also by way of advocacy and by inspiring attitude change.

After having spent the first few years focusing on building the infrastructure for their operations, the foundation turned to Lundgren+Lindqvist for the design of the visual identity. The logotype was designed around a central, clear path leading from bottom to top. This efficiently illustrates the fact that education often represents the quickest way to an employment. It also highlights the many individuals (or I:s) that make up the demographic that the foundation aim to help through their activities.

The foundation continues their activities and have recently granted support to Lärargalan, Faktum, Suicide Zero, Teskedsordern och Star for life, among others. Lundgren+Lindqvist are happy to have been able to contribute to their important work, if only in a small way.

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