Ekta is the moniker used by Swedish artist Daniel Götesson (b. 1978). Artist first, but also animator, sculptor, designer and illustrator, Ekta has been able to challenge traditional categorisation by – regardless of context – adhering to a clear artistic vision and firm integrity. Ekta’s work has been exhibited all over Europe.

During a visit in the artist’s studio, Ekta allowed us a rare glance into a few of his sketchbooks, hidden in a drawer under his table. In equal parts impressed and intrigued by their content, we immediately knew that we had to publish them and started discussing a future publication with ll’Editions.

The result is Ekta Sketchbooks I-III. The books, filled with pages thickened by collages, drawings and layers of paint and tape, present a view of moments of creative relief and represent the arena for the endless experimentation characterising Ekta’s process and output. Many pages have the quality of original works, both referencing the past and offering glimpses into the artist’s future output.

The three books in the set, published by ll’Editions, are beautifully crafted facsimile reproductions of the artist's sketchbooks. Each page of the original books has been scanned and meticulously post-produced. The books were printed on a state-of-the-art Komori HPT press, on uncoated Munken Kristall paper, with textured, black leather covers and titles embossed in gold foil. Every volume has been assigned a specific colour, which is used for the end-papers, head-bands, tail-bands and book-marks. The books are housed in handmade, cloth-bound slipcases which are painted by the artist, one by one, making each set unique. Each set is also signed and numbered by Ekta.

A supplementary booklet, enclosed in a pocket inside the back cover of volume III, features an essay by author, playwright and artist Henrik Bromander, who was invited to associate and write freely based on the content of the three sketchbooks. Also included is a critical essay by artists and gallerists Mattia Lullini and Alina Vergnano of Nevven Gallery.

The project was partly funded through a Kickstarter campaign, for which we designed a range of rewards for the backers, including ‘Ett Ekta Falskmynt’ (A Real Fake Coin), a limited edition multiple featuring one of Ekta’s characteristic portraits.

The set of books, limited to 300 copies, is available for order from ll’Editions.

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