Kalle Sanner is an artist and photographer living and working in Sweden. Shooting a range of subjects, including architecture, portraits and furniture, Sanner's work has been widely exhibited and published. Sanner has released a number of artist books, including Album (2010) and Sprinten (2009). In 2012, Sanner had a solo exhibition at Gallerigången in Hasselblad Center. Sanner is also one of the founders behind Blackbook Publications, publishing artist books with photographers and artists in and around Scandinavia.

We designed and developed Sanner's new website - a horizontally oriented, fully responsive presentation of his work built in WordPress. Each series of images are numbered, further emphasizing the linear structure of the website. Generous use of white space and subtly used typography allow the images to breath and take center stage. The biography section is built in a continuation of the horizontal theme, listing exhibitions, books and contact details, along with a text written by Dragana Vujanovic √Ėstlind, Chief Curator at the Hasselblad Foundation.

Sanner is also a steady collaborator and responsible for many of the images of our own work, that can be seen on our website. Visit the website: www.kallesanner.se


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