Her is an Australian swimwear label balancing femininity with functionality. They produce a line of classic swimwear created for the modern woman with each seasonal collection comprising timeless pieces that are designed to enhance the natural beauty of the female form. At the heart of the brand is a commitment to producing high quality swimwear locally which is why every piece is made and designed in Australia using luxurious European fabrics.

One of the two founder's of the company, Michael Lim, approached us to convert a flat design to a fully functional Shopify-theme. Already established on the Shopify platform, the theme required a lot of special features, both improving existing features and solving new ones. The result is a visually scaled back web shop with a lot of functionality under the hood, enhancing the experience for both the visitors and the administrators of the web shop.


Developed for: Her
Designed by: Lundgren+Lindqvist
Type of site: Shop