Together with Zé Studio in Sydney, we created a portfolio website for production company Fatking Films. The company works from New York City to Los Angeles for a wide range of clients including Mercedes Benz, Facebook and Happy Socks.

Staying true to Zé Studio’s design philosophy, the site is clean using only black and white with Akzidenz Grotesk in bold. Sticking to the minimalistic approach, we built a custom video player with a paired down interface, using the HTML5 video element.

On the home page, video loops play on hover, which could have potentially put a lot of stress on the server if the amount would add up. Using Vimeo as the source for all video on the site, both loops and project films, proved to be a solid solution, reliving us and the client of the pain of finding a codec for video that works cross browser.


Developed for: Zé Studio
Designed by: Zé Studio
Type of site: Portfolio