Tentakel is the moniker of musician Pontus Torstensson. On his new release, a full-length album titled TwoFace (Zeon Light Skiva), he works his way through nine intense and multi-facetted tracks. Track three, titled Translucent, features the vocals of Sebastian McMurphy from Viagra Boys and the track Impulse comes in two versions, the second being a remix by David Lehnberg.

For the design of the front cover, we used two drawings from artist EKTA (Daniel Götesson), which were carefully juxtaposed to further illustrate the duality suggested by the album's title. For the back cover, we worked with two different typefaces, as a visual pun relating back to the album title. Much like the drawings on the front cover, the typographical treatment juxtaposes the two typefaces, hiding small visual riddles throughout the song titles and credits. The song titles count from One, Twoface, Three and all the way up to Tentakel.

The terracotta and beige shades used on the cover and the record's label both derive from the papers from EKTA's original drawings.

The album was released both on vinyl and CD, and is also available as a digital release on Spotify and Apple Music. TwoFace can be purchased from Zeon Light Skiva or selected retailers such as Juno Records.

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