Edouard Malingue Gallery is a Hong Kong based contemporary art gallery, showing emerging and established artists from around the world. As part of a large scale visual identity project (this case study constitutes part 2/2, first case study here) we designed and developed the gallery’s new website.

The website is built around three columns, relating back to the number three, one of the central concepts introduced with the new visual identity. The columns are flexible and adapt to the varying content throughout the site. In the website’s start section, the right hand column is built as a digital pin board, which displays a randomly ordered selection of images uploaded by the gallery.

With a lot of content inherited from the gallery’s previous website, each section of the new site has been carefully planned to provide the visitor with an engaging, in-depth presentation of the gallery. On mobile, the three columns are stacked on top of each other to best utilise the more narrow screen width. With a demographic spread out across the world, the content is made available in different languages. At the date of writing this text, the website was set in two languages, English and Traditional Chinese, with a version in Simplified Chinese in progress.

A sparse use of design elements and functional features make sure that the content always stays in focus. The bespoke typeface designed for the new identity is allowed to set the tone, paired with strong imagery, primarily represented by the work of the represented artists. The pared-down UI is complemented by smooth transitions and swipe functionality, for an intuitive and seamless experience.

Download Press Package: Low-res | High-res